• World of Warcraft - New Argent Tournament Updates

    New Argent Tournament Updates

    With the release of the Secrets of Ulduar, the Argent Tournament opened its doors to heroes from all over Azeroth and saw champions arise from the ranks to take on the challenges before them to prove their worth. In the next upcoming content patch, Call of the Crusade, the Argent Tournament will be expanding its influence and players will be able to experience all-new dailies, rewards, and areas of interest.

    Two New Quest Hubs

    A new Cult of the Damned camp now sits overlooking the Tournament grounds and spying on the activity below.

    Located on an island north of Icecrown, the former tuskarr village known as Hrothgar's Landing is a mist-shrouded staging point for Sea Vrykul raids upon the ships of the Silver Covenant and the Sunreavers in the waters between the island and Icecrown.


    New Dailies and Rewards

    Just when you thought you had seen and done it all, the Argent Tournament throws out the gauntlet once more and adds a new line of quests and rewards for players who have become exalted with either the Silver Covenant or the Sunreavers. Earn seals by participating in three additional random dailies and earn brand-new rewards.
    • New Tabards: Alliance characters will be able to earn the Silver Covenant tabard and Horde characters will be able to earn the Sunreaver tabard currently seen being worn by NPCs on the grounds.
    • New Mounts: New ground and flying mounts will be available for both Horde and Alliance. Alliance will be able to purchase the new Quel'dorei Steed and Silver Covenant Hippogryph. Horde will be able to purchase the new Sunreaver Hawkstrider and Sunreaver Dragonhawk.
    • New Pet: A brand-new pet, the Shimmering Wyrmling, will be available to characters of both factions who distinguish themselves.

    Argent Crusader Dailies and Rewards

    A new line of dailies and rewards for players who have earned the title of Crusader will be available with two random seal-awarding dailies.
    • New Heirlooms
    • New Argent Crusade Banner
    • New Argent Crusade Tabard: Ports you directly to the Tournament grounds.
    • An Upgraded Squire: As any good squire should, this upgraded squire now has a mount and can be called forth every eight hours for three minutes of duty. The upgrade cost is 150 Champion Seals and your squire will also offer one of three services: bank, mail, or vendor access.
    • New Mount: A new Argent Crusade paladin-only charger will be available.

    http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/...ss32-thumb.jpg The Black Knight Returns

    Just when you thought you had seen the last of the Black Knight, he makes his astonishing return to Tournament. Wait, didn?t you kill him?
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