• JeepGoon, RockCrawl, and TEAM-MaFiA Merge


    That's right! JeepGoon, RockCrawl, and The MaFiA Network web communities have announced they will combine their efforts and merge into one social medium.

    I founded *MaFiA* in October 2000 which has become a close knit group of online gamers from around the world. Many of the original founding members are still active in a variety of online games. Over the past 4 years I have also developed a passion for rock crawling, trail riding and doing it all in Jeeps. I will be combining these 2 passions into one community. I have been thinking of this for a while and feel the time is right to combine all my efforts and build 1 site.

    The 3 sites themselves will still be separate, but members will only require 1 logon. Many Jeepers and off-roaders also play online games. So combining the 2 is the next step. Over the next few weeks you will see some changes coming as I start to import members and website functions from all 3 sites. The forums will be the first thing merged. The main site will follow soon after.

    Users, sponsors, and vendors are welcome from 4 wheels to virtual wheels!

    Got the site downloading slowly. Over 7.5 gigs of files to DL.

    Site database loaded on localhost and working. Upgrading to vB 4.1.8.
    May downgrade to 4.1.7 since the text box (editor) is missing images to buttons in 4.1.8.

    Next will be to import database to rockcrawl site then again to jeepgoon on the localhost.

    After that, split the 3 sites and redesign it all.

    1 login for 3 sites on 1 server for a social community based on gaming, 4x4's, and Jeeps. I have sponsors interested in the 4x4 and Jeep side. Once I produce the product I'll search for computer and gaming supporters. Raffles and give-aways are planned.

    I'm combining all my sites into one to consolidate my work, time, and funds into 1 project. Boosting the communities and our membership across the board. All 3 sites are currently hosted on 3 different servers and 3 different vB licenses costing too much as a whole.

    I won't upgrade and move the sites until I know it all works flawlessly on the localhost.

    I have a lot of work ahead of me. a small list of things to come in the near future:
    • 3 styles planned, vB default, style based on classic *MaFiA* themes, mobile style for handheld devices
    • ads displayed around the site. placement decided by testers and initial members. header, footer, in forum threads after first post, side bars, home page, sub-forums, vendor pages, and misc pages
    • ad placement on hold till main site design is finalized
    • social plug-ins - will need feedback from beta testers and admin. I?d like to stay away from them and create our own.
    • group, blog, and profile pages consolidated
    • new group, blog and profile page becomes home page after login
    • homepage requires login to view rest of site
    • follow, like, dislike, love, hate, share add-ons to threads, articles, projects, garages, clubs, vendor pages
    • vendor area with product listing, reviews, comments, technical assistance, ratings and full admin rights so sponsors and vendors can customize and build their page listings
    • shopping cart
    • streamline forums - cut the fat off of threads to clean up the styles
      wide and narrow versions of each style for member preferences
    • avatar and profile pic tied to one image
    • add more functions and permission power for moderators and super mods - takes load off admin so they can concentrate on maintaining the site core
    • ensure images linked externally are converted and hosted on site - free image hosting will limit bandwidth and at times images on said sites are removed leaving the dreaded red X
    • 1 on 1 chat for friends
    • video upload and hosting??
    • clean up and optimize code
    • optimize code for browser support (IE6-8 have a ton of issues)
    • member actions stat tracker to be used by vendors and ad agencies - all data is anonymous (how many clicks per ad, poll vote, hits on vendor tags, links)
    • industry news, articles, projects, events for a monthly newsletter/online magazine for each site
    • live event coverage
    • bi-annual project vehicle builds
    • bi-annual desktop and laptop builds
    • raffles and give-away programs
    • quarterly events so members can have meet-n-greets
    • site logo decals, shirts, hats, and other swag
    • monthly member spot-light
    • monthly project spot-light
    • monthly vendor spot-light
    • premium membership
    • content driven by members - the community drives the growth
    • technical assistance by heads in the industry
    • live tech support by vendor and sponsors (groups build by multiple userids so all are involved in individual issues)
    • quarterly Q&A with industry leaders for insider info and the future of their products
    • and much much more....

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