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    SITE: http://dfmafia.net

    PvE mostly since im the only one that PvPs. Very mature group of players from around the world that meet once every year irl. This is how close we have become. This year in June we are meeting in Yellowstone. Couples, families, friends all welcome to join one of the longest running guilds. Dedicated Ventrilo servers. Yep, you read it right. Servers. Always have a backup if one drops, though rare.

    What you get: Forums, very mature group of gamers, member photo albums, fully custom member profile page (think facebook/myspace), option to meet once a year (mini vacation to get to know everyone), and being in a guild that has a long successful history with the leadership that always looks to the future.

    AoC Servers:
    PvE = SET
    PvP = BANE
    RP = no descision yet

    WoW Server:
    PvE = Undermine

    AO Server:

    SWG Server:


    *MaFiA* is an elite tactical organization that operates both multi-player and cooperative enterprises in a variety of games. It originated October 13th, 2000 in Delta Force 2. Founded and still ran by G.I.JOE, *MaFiA* is one of the few gaming squads that can stand the test of time. *MaFiA* proves this day after day and year after year. Many of *MaFiA*'s original members are still very much active. No other gaming community can say this. *MaFiA*'s fruitful past and bright future can be attributed to how it's organized. With a Top Three making squad decisions based on members input, many inter-squad bickering doesn't happen like it does in other gaming communities.

    *MaFiA* eventually evolved into a network of autonomous groups governing in many areas, starting out small in Delta Force 2 that received little effect from a succession of distant, often foreign, trouble makers. In its present form, *MaFiA* is a close alliance of many small groups, each bound by kinship (or a kinship relationship that is assumed when a man/woman becomes a member) and by the *MaFiA* code of omerta, which requires absolute silence about *MaFiA* activities and absolute obedience to the hierarchical *MaFiA* authority (Trust and Respect). With small move to Delta Force: Land Warrior in the beginning of 2001, *MaFiA* began to operate in several large areas worldwide.

    Following a feudal tradition, *MaFiA* has lost a few members, but always sought out new professional members and observed a rigid code of trust, respect and, secrecy, practices that enabled *MaFiA* to rise in organized tactics after coming to Delta Force: Land Warrior in mid 2001 which continues today. *MaFiA* was often assassinating top rival squad officials who slandered them in early 2001 and late 2002. In Delta Force: Land Warrior, *MaFiA*was reputedly active in both Team King Of The Hill and Team Death Match operations. Organized squad tactics nationally (and at times internationally) are coordinated to precision. These organized tactics has since moved *MaFiA* into Anarchy Online, the Battlefield series, the Call Of Duty series, continued in the Delta Force series, the Rainbow Six series, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars Galaxies. *MaFiA* prefers to use hit and run assaults, and terrorist style tactics in its warfare, but they can participate in a stand up battle if they have to, but they try to avoid such tactics.

    *MaFiA* now exists in Age of Conan, Anarchy Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and World of Warcraft. The descendants of the close knit terrorist killing units from Delta Force 2. *MaFiA* has a heavy interest in the execution of its terrorists enemies, as well as their lower level supporters that get in the way, where they control much of the local area. One member can not do a job by him/herself, but they do support several mercenary detachments and control several smaller crews, generally consisting of 6 members per crew. *MaFiA* does have official representation within dfarena, dfhq, raven-shield.com, and dfmafia.net with an official embassy located there staffed by the The Commission, though *MaFiA* is ran by the "Top Three".
    *MaFiA* has become stronger day by day. We ask that you stand by us with trust and respect and take your place in The Family.

    First Person Shooter Tags: *MFA* (you may have seen them)
    Site has been recently re-designed for the 7th time by G.I.JOE?MFA?

    if interested register and post here
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