Age of Conan Stratics

Age of Conan Stratics has officially launched their site today. The new portal brings a wide varity of features, guides and other helpful Age of Conan information to the community. For their grand celebration on this 4 of July, Age of Conan Stratics are excited to release their first AoC Stratics contest! You could have a chance to win in-game items, game time, game boxes, soundtracks and more!!! build your armies strong and see your enemies crushed before you. In the near future, it will be important to reinforce your ranks with mighty warriors as the challenges to come will test the resolve of even the bravest of legions. Here is your chance to get the word out and recruit fresh blood!

You can find the new Age of Conan Stratics site here. You can also find the full contest rules and prize listings here.

Glen 'Famine' Swan
US Community Manager