I've had a few people asking if a 40" tire will fit the LOD tire carrier. the answer is YES. This day I was taking measurements of the tuffy security deck for another question (15" at its lowest from the bottom of the lid to the top of the "trunk lid" and 15 1/2" to the floor) and I went ahead and installed the hi-lift jack, trail rack, and gerry can holders.

Here are the pics of the installs:

LOD Gerry Can Holder with Spacer (needed for tires over 37")

60" Hi-Lift jack installed (i used grade 8 9/16th bolts that were 2" long and a couple washers)

one of the gerry can holders installed

both holders and trail rack installed

you can see i do not need the hi-lift isolator to keep it from rattling. the trail rack put enough pressue on the handle to keep it very snug

all closed up and ready for the tire

shots of the damage my speaker box did 4th of July 2008 after a jump tossed it into the air and slammed back onto the tail gate. 2nd pic shows how the gate sheet metal buckled a little bit. with the hard top on you could put you arm in the hole before we pulled most of the bent metal back out.

Tuffy Security Deck. one of my most favorite mods

Tire installed

lots of room from the top of the tire to the trail rack

rear view

space between tire and gerry can holder - this is with my 39" tire. there is room for a 40" but i dont think a 42" would fit

3rd brake light clearance

finished for now

I do not have this anymore. I got tired of it smacking on rocks while coming off of waterfalls. It would shake and rattle the Jeep. Instead I now have the Poison Spyder Custom BFH Rear Bumper and adapted their TJ Tire Carrier to work on my JK. Works great and no more smacking and dragging it over waterfalls!!!